Family Law Mediation

Why Mediation is an excellent alternative to court:

Mediation is generally significantly less expensive than litigation. There is no wasted time and it can be scheduled to minimize time spent away from employment and other responsibilities.

In mediation, the parties cooperatively plan and guide the process, effectively designing their own solution. This allows for greater control over the outcome. I work with an interest based model. As a team, we start by looking at the desired outcome for both parties and work to achieve a resolution that you design. This is a substantial departure from traditional court-based litigation where an impartial third party, usually a judge, decides the merits of a case and makes a decision for the parties. The parties then move forward based on the imposed judgment.

Mediation will assist you in communicating effectively with your former partner and minimizing animosity.

How does it work?

Everyone attending the mediation signs a mediation agreement, which sets out basic rules such as confidentiality and full sharing of information. The structure of the mediation is up to you. In every legal matter, I encourage both parties to get independent legal advice. Depending on the situation, many family matters can be resolved without the need for lawyers attending the mediation. In more complex matters, a neutral financial consultant may assist with tax and other matters; in emotionally charged matters, divorce coaches or a child specialist may be enlisted. Lawyers may participate in mediation with their clients.

Who is best served by the mediation process?

The decision to mediate does not have to be limited to those matters with straightforward solutions and cooperating former spouses. It requires a commitment to provide full disclosure and willingness to fully participate in the process.

Which issues are appropriate for mediation?

As a family law mediator I have assisted in creating cohabitation / prenuptial agreements; resolved issues of guardianship, custody and access to children, division of family property and child and spousal support. I will work with you and your spouse to tailor a process that meets your needs and is most likely to foster a successful resolution. The goal of family mediation is to create enduring solutions and a positive framework for the future. Independent legal advice is encouraged to ensure that the rights of both you and your spouse are protected in the resolution crafted in mediation.