My practice is limited to family related matters: separation, pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, child sharing and support matters. Resolution of family matters may be through mediation, collaborative practice, mediation/arbitration, parenting coordination, lawyer to lawyer negotiation or through family court. Clients sometimes find that emotional and financial concerns are overwhelming during this difficult period. I believe that it is critical to focus on restructuring the family and avoid inflaming already emotional issues. As your lawyer, I am a strong advocate, without being unnecessarily adversarial, in helping you come to an optimal agreement in your matter. Life changing decisions should be made with all of the relevant information available; with solid advice regarding the legal and potential financial repercussions and in a private, respectful environment. The final resolution should mirror your personal goals and values and result in durable agreements that allow you to move forward with confidence.

As an accredited Family Law Mediator, I am a neutral participant, allowing the parties to bridge their differences, hear each other and arrive at an agreement that works for both them and their children. As a cost effective process, I offer mediation of all issues on either a flat fee or an hourly basis. I also work with represented parties, with or without the lawyers present, as determined on a case by case basis.

As a trained collaborative professional since 2000, I have significant experience in assisting clients in setting and achieving realistic goals. The collaborative process revolves around the client - rather than allowing the Court to impose a resolution. I believe that by resolving matters respectfully, parents may significantly reduce the impact of separation on their children and on themselves. I find it gratifying to work with clients that are taking responsibility for the emotional and financial future of their family and are willing to work to effectively co-parent their children.

Mediation and Collaborative Practice cases both begin by examining the long and short term goals of each party to determine what their restructured situation will look like. We then work as a team to determine whether these goals are realistic and achievable and where compromises need to be made. Ideally, mediation will result in a distribution of assets that both parties can agree upon, achieving ongoing financial security for both parties. Mediation is a process where children and their best interests are key. In this private forum, respect and dignity are preserved.

There are times when arbitration, parent coordination or litigation is necessary. My legal background includes significant successful trial experience in parenting and financial matters. I am an accredited Family Law Arbitrator and Parent Coordinator.